Attention customers:

The following are COMPUTER HQ's policies:

1)    Our shop rate for repair and service for personal computers is $69.50 per hour* **. For home service on a computer, rates are $96.91 per hour due to travel expenses.

2)    The customer is responsible for providing properly licensed software for their computer. This includes the operating system (i.e. OS 10+ for Mac or Windows, 7 / 8, or older XP ), any anti-virus software such as Norton Anti-Virus, or any Microsoft Office products. Also providing product keys for these programs would be highly recommended.

3)    Added software such as an upgrade to the operating system, a new operating system, anti-virus software, or any other paid for licensed software will be the responsibility of the customer to provide. The customer will be charged for all such software installed on their computer if the Product Key / Serial Number is not provided (unless we do not have such software, then it will not be installed until said Key / Number is provided).

4)    Free software such as Window Washer or some of the Spyware Protection programs (trial, evaluation, or basic versions) will not be charged for. The labor/time that was required to download and install these programs onto the computer, however, does incur a charge.

5)    Computer HQ cannot be held responsible for any hard drive failures which may occur: prior to its arrival on our premises, during the time the computer is here, and after it leaves our premises—except as is specified under the manufacturer's warranty for hard drives sold by Computer HQ.

* Over two environments (accounts on the computer) will incur an additional $50.00 per account, additional fees will be added for delivering a computer to the customers residence.

** Businesses please note: charges begin at $115.00 an hour.

Download and sign the policy here.

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